SWAGG UNITED DANCE CREW is a community dance group based in Atlantis, Cape Town. Our dance style makes reference to Hip-Hop, Krump and Modern Jazz as well as the local pantsula and GQOM. SWAGG was founded by dancer and choreographer Elsalene Daniels Salligee, in 2016. Young dancers are recruited from mostly poor families as a way to keep them off the streets and out of trouble from the gangs. Unemployment and gangsterism are big problems in Atlantis, causing many children to drop out of school, or to be victims of violence. The main objective of this initiative is to give kids a constructive and fun afternoon activity, helping them to develop their talents and finish school. 
The group practices outdoors at central locations, accessible to all the members. There is no studio. The crew doesn’t charge for performances but does ask for possible donations. Over the years, SWAGG UNITED has gone from strength to strength, regularly winning trophies in the greater Cape Town area.
Archival footage of the construction of the 'coloured' satellite town of Atlantis, circa 1980. 
Atlantis was built in the 1970's under the apartheid government. The town is situated 50 kilometres from the Cape Town city centre. 
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